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Visit the Caprai Museum’s website and enjoy a virtual exploration of the beauty of textile art:
Since the first lace handkerchief (dated 1850) bought from an antique dealer in Grand Place in Brussels, Arnaldo Caprai's admiration for fabrics art led him to put together one of the most valuable collections of textile art in the world.
Placed under the protection of the Culture Ministry on account of its inestimable worth, it has been exhibited all over the world and currently has some 25,000 items.
The Museum website provides a virtual tour of prestige magazines, sewing instruments, accessories, fans and lacework, a magical world beyond time and passing fashions that never ceases to fascinate.
Experts in restoration, cataloguing and study and in the publication of monographs collaborate on the organization of exhibitions and re-editions that have made Arnaldo Caprai famous all over the world. This is where the ideas come from, where the drawings are made that are then transformed along the textile chain into finished products of the highest quality, for the purpose of raising the profile of prestige lace.
The invention of lace is an all-Italian glory.
I Secoli d’oro del Merletto Italiano (the Golden Age of Italian Lace), an exhibition already hosted in world famous museums such as the Civic Museum in Bruges, Belgium, Palazzo Venezia in Roma, the Setsuko Migishi Memorial Art Museum in Bisai, Wako in Tokyo and Moscow, is now online thanks to our Browsable Catalogue.
An infinity of books and catalogues focusing on love of lace and its history and featuring kings and queens, lacemakers and ladies, the most beautiful table layings and volumes produced by our own Gruppo Tessile.
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